Christmas Message

Dear Friends,

Greetings from Bethlehem.

It is a very difficult and critical time we are going through these days. Hopelessness and despair are surrounding us from all sides, but we are not allowed to stay in that circle. We need to get out and start acting instead of reacting believing that the day will come to celebrate peace with justice.

More than 2000 years ago, as king Herod tried but was not able to stop the message of hope and love for the world, we believe that no one can stop it today.

By the end of this year, we complete 26 years of struggle to keep our farm from the danger of confiscation. We’ve been through many downs on our long road for justice, but the message is always clear: “Let not your heart be troubled, neither let it be afraid”.

We are  humbled to hear that our family was chosen by the World Methodist Council to receive one of the two of 2017 Peace Awards for the work we are doing at the Tent of Nations. It is a special moment for us and we are honored to receive this Peace Award. We will continue to cultivate the land and plant more seeds for a better and peaceful future with faith, love and hope. Together, we can make a difference.

We wish you all a blessed celebrations and a new year full of faith, love and hope. Let us continue our journey together.

Blessings and Salaam from the place that is keen to see Peace.

Our 102 Years Celebration


In the year of 2018 we are celebrating 102 years of existence on our land. In May we are delighted to welcome family members, previous and new volunteers, friends from around the world to join us in the week from 7-13. May for a one-day reunion celebration full of activities, workshops, group discussions, food, dancing and being together. We would love to invite you to join us  throughout the rest of the year, & there are many opportunities to do so; you can come as a group or an individual, to visit or to volunteer, you can join one of our workcamps & help with our harvests.

We welcome you to come, meet us, learn our story and join us in continuing this celebration of our land.



 See more photos from the 2016 celebrations. 

Tent of Nations Workcamps


Join us for one (or more) of our yearly workcamps

2018 Workcamps: 

19th – 30th March: Tree Planting : “Plant a tree for a healthy environment & a better future”.

7th – 13th May: Reunion Family, volunteers and friends

4th – 14th June: Cave Renovation and Fruit Harvest “What you plant, you will harvest”

25th June – 7th July: Children’s Summer Camp “With heart & hand, we change the land

30th July – 9th August: Almond and Fruit Harvest “Almond tree & learning hope”

27th August – 6th Sept: Grape and Fig Harvest “A branch cannot bear fruit by itself”

22nd Oct – 1st Nov: Olive Harvest “Rooted in the ground, like an olive tree”

We hope that you will join us!