Welcome to Tent of Nations

At Tent of Nations, our call is to change hearts and to build a bridge between people, and the land. We invite people to the farm to come and see, then go and tell our story of Faith, Love and Hope.

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Dear Friends,

In the year 2019 we hosted about 13,000 people who visited the Tent of Nations farm and heard its story. We hope that those people who came to see, went back home motivated, after they heard the Tent of Nations story of hope, faith and love.

We hosted also many volunteers from all over who were able to stay at the Tent of Nations farm between one week and 3 months. Others more came to help for a day or/and attended a work camp at the Tent of Nations.

We are welcoming you to be part of what we are doing. Together, we can make a difference.



We are currently working on the following projects:


Our 105 Years Celebration

In the year of 2021 we are celebrating 105 years of existence on our land. In May we are delighted to welcome family members, previous and new volunteers, friends from around the world to join us for 3 days reunion, celebration, activities, workshops, group discussions, food, dancing being and working together.

We would also love to invite you to join us  throughout the rest of the year, & there are many opportunities to do so; you can come as a group or an individual, to visit or to volunteer, you can join one of our workcamps & help with our harvests.

We welcome you to come, meet us, learn our story and join us in continuing this celebration of our land.

See photos from the 2016 celebrations


Tent of Nations Workcamps

Join us for one (or more) of our yearly workcamps

2020 Workcamps

23rd – 31st of March: Tree Planting : “Plant a tree for a healthy environment & a better future”

11th – 21st of May: Weeding & Wheat Harvest Camp

1st – 11th June: Cave Renovation and Fruit Harvest “What you plant, you will harvest”

15th – 27th June: Children’s Summer Camp “From the Ground And UP”

27th July – 6th August: Almond and Fruit Harvest “Almond tree & learning hope”

17th – 27th August : Grape and Fig Harvest “A branch cannot bear fruit by itself”

19th – 29th October: Olive Harvest “Rooted in the ground, like an olive tree”

We hope that you will join us in one of our workcamps!