The Tent Of Nations Project

This project seeks to bring people of various cultures together to build bridges of understanding, reconciliation and peace. We invite young people from around the world, especially from areas of conflict, together for face-to-face interaction.

We also offer programs and facilities for solidarity movements, churches, youth organizations and tourist groups and host a large number of visitors each year. The Tent of Nations also runs a number of projects in the local area.

Daher’s Vineyard

This is the name of the farm owned by the Nassar family, where the Tent of Nations is based. The farm grows olives, grape vines, almonds, vegetables & fruit on about 100 acres of land. The family have fought a legal battle to keep hold the land since it was threatened with confiscation in 1991. The issue is ongoing but so much has been achieved, and we continue to work to protect and develop the farm as a place where people can meet, work together and learn.

Many areas of Palestinian land are threatened with confiscation if they are not maintained and cultivated. We hope to inspire others to work to bring life to these areas and protect their endurance.

Tent of Nations has put an enormous effort to protect Dahers’ Vineyard by bringing young people from local areas together with international groups, in order to maintain projects and activities on the ground. These projects aim to prepare and pioneer the young people for a better future and teach them the true belonging for their country. It also seeks to build bridges of understanding, reconciliation and peace on a broad-spectrum base. This is our way of demonstrate a land is worth nothing without people and people are worth nothing without a land.


The Tent of Nations is a fulfilled dream of Bishara Nassar, a Palestinian Christian who lived all his life in Bethlehem and on the land itself. Bishara devoted his life to protecting his land. He ordained his family’s land for network projects, which included a youth activity hall. Bishara died in 1976, however his family carried on with the work to uphold the vision. More information about the history of the land is available.

In the year 2000, many friends joined the Nassar’s vision. Together they founded the Tent of Nations and the Nassar family dedicated a portion of the land to the new project.

Today, the Tent of Nations project is registered under the Bethlehem Bible College umbrella with support from the Friends of Tent of Nations.


In the long-term the Tent of Nations aims to prepare young people for a positive contribution to their future and culture by bringing values of understanding and tolerance into their life experience, and to teach them the true belonging to their country. Tent of Nations is devoted to address cultural conflicts around the world, including the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, by facilitating positive encounters between young people from different cultures.

Today the Tent of Nations welcomes you to come see the land, hear its story, and experience its activities.