About Us

Welcome to Tent of Nations – An Educational & Environmental Family Farm

At Tent of Nations, our mission is to build bridges between people, and between people and the land. We bring different cultures together to develop understanding and promote respect for each other and our shared environment.

To realise this mission, we run educational projects at Daher’s Vineyard, our organic farm, located in the hills southwest of Bethlehem, Palestine. Our farm is a  center where people from many different countries come together to learn, to  share, and to build bridges of understanding and hope.

What we do

We offer workcamps and volunteer opportunities; we run Children’s Summer Camps and a Women’s Empowerment Project, and we welcome groups and visitors of all shapes and sizes.

We run a series of workcamps throughout the year which give us valuable support for the running of the farm and are a key part of our aim to help individuals feel more connected to the land and our environment. See below for dates of this year’s workcamps.

We run empowerment programs for women and children in the local area. By building confidence and capacity in those whose lives are a daily struggle due to the situation facing Palestinians today, we can help create a better future for tomorrow. Find out about our Women’s Project and Children’s Summer Camps.

We welcome international volunteers on long and short term bases, giving individuals from around the world a unique opportunity to broaden their own personal development, while also giving us invaluable support in developing our projects and keeping our farm going and growing. Find out about becoming a volunteer.

We welcome all types of guests and groups to our farm and are proud to be able to provide a space for visitors to the West Bank to come to learn about our story, to witness active and peaceful resistance on the ground, and find out more about the greater situation in Palestine. Visit Tent of Nations and check out the facilities that we offer.

Please note that we are not an NGO. We are a small family-owned farm that welcomes individuals and groups to visit, volunteer, and hear our story. We are not affiliated with any other organization, and we are privately funded through Friends of Tent of Nations.

Our Goals

At Tent of Nations, we seek to embody a positive approach to conflict and occupation.  Faced with great injustice, we know that we should not hate, despair, or flee. We can refuse to be enemies and channel our pain and frustration into positive actions which will build a better future.

We aim to help the oppressed and marginalized realize that they are powerful. We all have a role in creating the future we want to see. At Tent of Nations, we seek to work with others in the local area to lay the foundations for a future Palestine, in the belief that justice and peace will grow from the bottom up.

We work to reconnect people with the land. Through mixing our hands with the soil, we learn to value and understand the significance of our environment.

Vision for the Land

We are working towards becoming completely self-sustainable in regards to food, water, and electricity, and we hope in the long-term to be able to support other local projects with proceeds from our farm. Our vision is to develop a vocational training and education centre on the farm which will provide a space for children and young people to learn about alternative energy, organic farming, and community building. We hope, ultimately, to be able to prepare the young people of Palestine for a positive contribution to their future and culture by bringing values of tolerance and understanding into their life experiences, and to facilitate a respect for the environment by increasing awareness of our reliance on the land. In moving onwards with the development of this vision, we look forward to continuing to welcome many more volunteers and visitors to Tent of Nations, and teaching hope and faith in action to an international community.

Hear our story and see our projects in action on our videos page.

Tent of Nations welcomes you to come to see the land, hear its story, take part in its activities, and share far and wide your experience with us.