Our Facilities

Tent of Nations offers the following facilities which visitors and groups are welcome to enjoy:

100 acres of land
Our large area of land situated on a hill-top southwest of Bethlehem is ideal for hiking, camping, and viewing beautiful Biblical-era scenery & spectacular sunsets.

Meeting Cave
Our large cave with access to wi-fi, meeting table, and 50 seated capacity can be used for lectures, workshops, and other events.

Mountain Chapel Cave
Our Mountain Chapel is located in one of our renovated caves and may be used for worship and reflection.

Campsite and Ring-Fire
Our large tents with beds can sleep up to 40 persons and our campfire spot can be enjoyed by campers in the evenings.

 Solomon’s Theatre
An outdoor theatre space which has been transformed from an ancient wine-press

Children’s Playground
A cheerful space for children of all ages to play on our swings, climbing-frame, slide, and see-saw

Football Field
Hold a match on our football field or use the space for any outdoor games or activities.

Visitor Sites
Daher’s Vineyard heralds many fascinating historical sites such as an ancient stone watchtower, cave residences, an old wine-press, and many ancient trees.

Cafeteria and Farmshop
Treat yourself to a coffee and other refreshments at our cafeteria and leave with some of our farm produce which you may purchase from our shop.

Traditional Palestinian Meals
Meals are available for both day visitors and campers



Please get in touch if you are interested in making use of – or have questions regarding –  any of the above facilities.