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Come and Visit!

You’re welcome! At Daher’s Vineyard, there is a growing community of people living and working on the land, as well as a steady stream of visitors and volunteers who come to enjoy the hospitality of the Nassar family, join in the activities of the community, and learn about the story of the land.

Many groups visit for a short tour & the site can easily accomodate large numbers of people, and has hosted groups of up to 200 people in the past. We are happy to help you design a unique program on the land to match your group’s vision. In the past, we have helped solidarity groups to organize tree-plantings, church groups to design worship experiences, youth groups to plan campouts, activist groups to hold lectures and tourists to arrange hikes.

Visiting the Tent of Nations will give you the opportunity to be exposed to varying cultures and people by daily interaction in a space that allows for open discussion and contact. The relationships that result help to build bridges of understanding and communication, along with providing a route to learning peaceful co-existence with cultures differing from your own.

If you would be interested in visiting Daher’s Vineyard then pleasecontact us for more information.

If you are interested in staying for longer at the farm and volunteering with Tent of Nations, then please see our volunteering page.