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Come and Visit!

You are all welcome! At Daher’s Vineyard, there is a growing community of visitors and volunteers who come to enjoy the hospitality of the Nassar family, give a helping hand on the farm, and hear about the story of the land.

Day / Short Stay Visitors

If you are an interested individual or organisor of a group, we welcome you to visit our farm and see for yourself the reality of our projects. We can offer talks about our story, tours of the land, traditional Palestinian meals, a visit to our cafeteria/farm-shop, and beautiful hill-top views, as well as a space for open dialogue and exposure to a myriad of cultures in peaceful co-existance.

Please note that during the winter months (mid -November to mid-March) we are not be able to accommodate overnight visitors.


We are able to accommodate large numbers of people on the land, and are happy to help you design a unique program to match your group’s needs and vision. In the past, we have helped solidarity groups to organise tree plantings, church groups to design worship experiences, youth groups to plan campouts, activist groups to hold lectures, and tourists to arrange hikes. We have a range of facilities which are available for use such as a mountain chapel, large meeting cave, and children’s playground. See full details of all our facilities.


If you are interested in staying longer, you can join one of our workcamps or help us out on the farm as a long or short term volunteer. Please follow the links to the associated pages for full details.


If you would like to visit Tent of Nations, please contact us for more information.

We look forward to meeting you