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Directions to Tent of Nations

Tent of Nations is a few kilometres from Bethlehem, close to the junction on Route 60 signposted ‘Neve Daniel’.

You can read detailed directions on how to find the farm by clicking on the points marked on the map below.
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Directions from Jerusalem
If you are on public transport:

  • From the bus station near Damascus Gate in East Jerusalem take bus 21 to Beit Jalla / Bethlehem and get off in Bethlehem at ‘Bab-ez-qaq’ junction (about 45 minutes).
  • Then catch a shared taxi (yellow 7 seater car) from here going towards Hebron and ask to get off at ‘Kilo Sabata-ashara’ (kilometre seventeen in Arabic). The taxi will drive along a road through Bethlehem before turning onto a large highway which is Route 60. You need to get off after about 5 minutes of driving along the highway at the bus stop referred to as ‘Kilo Sabata-ashara’. The bus stop is by the junction with a road sign for ‘Neve Daniel’ where the highway bends left. If in doubt, explain that you want to walk along the road to the village of ‘Nahalin’.
  • Or, from the main Israeli bus station in Jerusalem you can take the Egged bus that goes down Route 60 and get off at the Israeli settlement ‘Neve Daniel’.

Stop at ‘Kilo Sabata-ashara’ – Neve Daniel Junction (Route 60)

  • Ask for the bus stop known as ‘Kilo Sabata-ashara’ (Kilometre Seventeen).
  • The junction is signposted ‘Neve Daniel’ and is a right turn when travelling south on Route 60, about 2km past the Nashesh junction for Bethlehem, where the highway bends left.
  • If in doubt, explain to the taxi driver that you want to walk along the road to the village of Nahalin.

Walk along the road to Nahalin (1o minute walk)

  • Bear left off the Neve Daniel road and follow the small road over the ridge which leads to the village of Nahalin.
  • You will see the hill with Tent of Nations (2 buildings plus tents) ahead of you. Follow the road past the boulders until you reach the steep drive on the right with the metal chain gates.
  • Give someone a shout to come and open the gate!

Or, if you are travelling by car:

  • Take Route 60 south towards Hebron, before turning off after Bethlehem at the junction signposted ‘Neve Daniel’. Don’t go all the way along the road to Neve Daniel, but immediately turn left & then right onto a small side road that goes over the hill towards Nahalin. You will have to stop at the roadblock and walk to the farm.


Getting to Jerusalem from Ben Gurion Airport

  • You can get a bus or a ‘Sherut’ taxi from the airport to Jerusalem. The buses are cheaper (17 NIS) but are a lot more difficult – you have to get a bus to the Tel Aviv central bus station, and then another one to Jerusalem.
  • The Sherut taxis are the yellow or white minibus taxis on the right just outside the exit of the airport. They are more expensive (about 50NIS) but a lot easier and will drop you off wherever you ask in Jerusalem. So if you want to stay in a hostel in Jerusalem for the night before travelling to Tent of Nations then they can drop you there, or you could ask to be dropped by the Jaffa gate of the old city. It’s then a short walk around the outside of the old city walls to get to the bus station by the Damascus gate.