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Text Box: Archive
Spring Report 2008 (English)
Spring Report 2008 (German)
Father Nicolas Visit to Tent of Nations, November, 2008
Almond Harvest August 2008
Youth Encounter July 2008
Children Summer Camp July 2008
Football Gathering June 8, 2008 
Peace Building Convocation May 17, 2008
Youth Exchange Camp 9-12 May, 2008
World Peace Circle Meeting May 10, 2008
Women’s Week Report, May 2008 (English)
Women’s Week Report, May 2008 (German)
Annual Report 2007 (German)

Text Box: Nassar Farm
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Text Box: Volunteering at TON
We have many opportunities for volunteers. If you're interested or talented in a specific area, we most likely can use you! 
TON is proud to work amongst various faiths and backgrounds. 
We need:
A Woman Volunteer for the Kitchen, Cafeteria and Gift Shop
A Woman Volunteer for the Office Work
 Volunteers for Gardening & Landscaping
A Volunteer for the Animal farm
Volunteers or ZVs for the Construction Work

Tell us about your skills, interests and availabilities. 
We've got several volunteer opportunities available 
and will do our best to find the opportunity that best suits you.
For more information:

Please contact us at info@tentofnations.org
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Text Box: Plant a Tree for Peace
Help Protect the Environment
Save the Planet Earth

Text Box: See : 
One Day Tree Planting
Tree Planting Camp           
Tree Planting Campaign English 2010, 
Tree Planting Campaign German 2010 

For more information how to sponsor a tree, please contact us at info@tentofnations.org 
Text Box:  Christmas Letter 2009
Text Box:  Weihnachtsbrief 2009
Text Box: Phone: 972 (2) 274 3071 / Fax: 972 (2) 276 7446 
E-mail: tnations@p-ol.com / Info@tentofnations.org
Text Box:   Contact us:
  Tent of Nations / Atan Street 17 /  P.O.Box 28 / Bethlehem - Palestine
Text Box: Join us in Planting Trees

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Tent of Nations Reports:

World Council of Churches Report (English, April 2009)

World Council of Churches Report (German, April 2009)

Winter Report 2009 (German)

Women’s Week Report 2009 (English, March 2009)

Tent of Nations

Women Empowerment Project




Volunteers are needed to help with the women project

Tent of Nations

Publications & Awards:

Michael –Sattler-Friedenspreis 2007

Community Human Rights Award 2007,

United Nations. Nominated by the Interfaith