Children’s Summer Camp

Tent of Nations Children’s Summer Camp

Every July at Tent of Nations, we hold a Summer Camp for children in the local area. The camp creates a fun and safe environment and aims to give the children some freedom and distraction from their daily lives – giving them a break from the politics that overwhelm their childhood. Our goal is to build self-confidence in the children and help them understand and appreciate their own value and skills, thus planting in each one of them the knowledge that they can make a difference and be part of the change towards a better future for Palestine.

We invite international volunteers to lead the children in games, sports and a range of activities including art, music, drama, and writing. The camp also provides a space to educate the children about their rural heritage and how to take care of the environment, with activities that work towards these aims. Our volunteers, coming from a wide range of countries and backgrounds, give the children an exciting opportunity to meet people from around the world and gain exposure to different cultures as well as the chance to practice English and other languages.

If you are interested in volunteering at our Summer Camp please see here for details.