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Bent Al-reef Empowerment Project

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Bent al-reef women project was established in the year 2005 in a village called Nahalin in the western countryside of Bethlehem Area. The goals of the project were to offer the village women and young girls an opportunity to learn English and computer skills in order to help their children and siblings with their school homework. The project was needed, because learning to use computers was very expensive and something new for most of the village women.  The English and Computer classes were very successful and motivated many women to ask for more courses and different activities.

The idea of the women’s project began to grow. Our aim has been to invest in and empower the village women in order to meet with their expectations and interests.  All of our educational classes and activities are planned to help them realize their dream and power in building a healthy family and society.

The center is now open four mornings a week. Women are learning new skills, discovering their talents, developing their characters, as well as socializing and exchanging thoughts and ideas with local and international women.

Every year the program is implemented with a new group of women from all ages and backgrounds. Our goal is to reach out to all ages: young, senior, married and single — offering them the opportunity to dream, gain self-confidence and increase self-esteem.

Our future goal is to develop Bent Al-reef project to an academy that offers different classes, workshops and practical skills for all women of the surrounding area, and especially those young women who are not able to finish their Elementary or High School Educations, and for those not able to go to college or universities.

Yearly Plan

1- The Educational Program:

This program starts beginning of September and ends mid-June. It consists of two periods, where we offer various courses throughout the year (see below). This program is open for women of different ages and status, who come to the center four mornings a week. Every year we focus on a new group of 10-15.

This program offers classes in English, Computer Skills, Farming & Agriculture, Food Processing, Animal Husbandry, Health Education, Communication Skills, Leadership Training, Arts and Crafts.

We need volunteers to teach and help with the educational program.

First Period (September 1 – December 22)

Participants: 10-15 Women

  • English for Beginners (90 Minutes / 2 Days/ Week)
  • Computer Skills 1  (90 Minutes / 1 Day/ Week)
  • Farming & Agriculture 1 (90 Minutes /1 Day/ Week)
  • Health Education 1 (90 Minutes /1 Da y/ Week)
  • Leadership Training 1 (90 Minutes /1 Day/ Week)
  • Arts & Crafts (180 Minutes /1 Day/ Week)

Second Period (January 15 – June 15)

Participants: 10-15 Women

  • Advanced English (90 Minutes / 2 Days/ Week)
  • Computer Skills 2  (90 Minutes / 1 Day/ Week)
  • Farming & Agriculture 2 (90 Minutes /1 Day/ Week)
  • Health Education 2 (90 Minutes /1 Day / Week)
  • Leadership Training 2 (90 Minutes /1 Day/ Week)
  • Arts & Crafts (180 Minutes /1 Day/ Week)

Graduation for both levels is usually in June, 15

2- The Workshop and Activity Program:

All women from the village can participate in this program, besides the women who are enrolled in the educational program. Those workshops and activities are usually from one to four days any time of the year. The aim of this program is to encourage those who are not able to join the long program for special reasons the chance to come to the center, meet with other women, learn and participate in such workshops as is shown below:

  • Alternative Medicine, Women’s Nutrition, Family & Children
  • Environmental Wellness, Pollution, Recycling
  • Personal Development, Confidence Building, Communication Skills
  • Feminism & Equal Rights, Violence
  • Arts & Creativity: Drawing, Knitting, Crocheting, Plastic Canvas, Paper Crafts, Magazine Collage, Sewing, Jewelry Making, Stained Glass
  • Sport & Fitness: Yoga, Pelvic exercises

We need volunteers to help with this programs.

3- The School Girl Program:

We started with this program only last year by offering English classes for the village school girls (13-15 years old).  Those school girls are off school for two weeks every year in January. They come to the center during that period to learn English and have some fun. Although it is difficult to manage two programs at the same time for both the girls and the village women, but it is very important to invest in those girls, encourage them to stay in school, help them realize their dreams and strengthen their English skills. Hopefully, we can develop a full program for those girls in the near future.

4- The Outreach Program:

Every year we organize a visit to two or three schools and do a one-day educational program for the school kids.  The program includes teaching English, hygiene, dance improvisation, arts and crafts classes.  With this program we are trying to encourage the school kids to learn English and other skills by playing. We hope to develop this program to serve schools serving students with special needs and learning disabilities.

5- Other Events:

  • Women’s Week
  • Field Trips (Upon request)
  • Socializing Day (Once a month)
  • Women Encounter (Once a month)

We kindly ask your help and support to make this project a more powerful and successful one.

Lecturers, Scholars, Artists, Intellectuals! Helping Hands!
Volunteers are welcome to participate in all the above programs and activities.

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Together we can make a difference