Sponsor a Tree

Sponsor a Tree at Daher’s Vineyard

A tree is a sign of hope. When you plant a tree, you believe in the future and you learn that peace should grow from the bottom up.

In May 2014, hundreds of our fruit trees were destroyed by the Israeli Military. Our response to this act of violence and irreverence both to our land and to nature is to channel the pain we felt at this loss into restoring the land and planting more than double this again. We aim to plant 5,000 grape, almond, olive, apple and other fruit trees here on Daher’s Vineyard during 2015/16. We would sincerely appreciate your financial assistance in achieving this goal and offer you the chance to sponsor a tree as a way to support us, show your solidarity and have your own special connection with this land.

By sponsoring a tree, you will be giving us valuable support as we work towards the re-growing of our farm and its produce while at the same time, you will be joining us in a belief in a just and peaceful future.

Sponsor a Tree for a suggested donation of 50NIS / €10 / $12 / £8

If you would like to sponsor a tree, please complete the form on our Support Us page, including your name and nationality, and we will send you information on how to send us your tree sponsor donation*. You will receive a Tree Sponsor Certificate and are most welcome to make a visit to us here at Daher’s Vineyard to see your tree grow!

Give a gift of life and hope – sponsor a tree on behalf of someone you care about. We’ll send you a certificate which you can present to them.

If you wish to plant your tree yourself, why not come and volunteer with us?**

*Method of payment varies depending on the country from which you are sending the money.

**Please note that planting season is in the Spring time.