Tree Planting 2010

January 1, 2010

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Join us in planting 3000 Olive and other trees

Let us together make Daher’s Vineyard and the Tent of Nations more GREEN


A tree for Daher’s Vineyard and for Tent of Nations to keep hope alive

At Christmas time all the people in the world look to Bethlehem, the birthplace of Jesus Christ. In celebrating this joyful event, people like to give a Christmas present to their family members, beloved ones and friends.

Do you know what to give as a Christmas present? We suggest to you a very special present being related to Bethlehem. Why not to give your relatives and friends an olive  tree to be planted on Daher’s Vineyard in Bethlehem? This tree will be growing in solidarity with the people who are praying for Peace and Justice in the Land of the Bible.


Why do we plant trees?

Planting trees is a protection for the environment

Planting trees is a way for cleaning the air, water and fights soil erosion

Planting trees is a symbol of hope for peace and justice in our region.

Planting trees is bringing life to the Tent of Nations project, which seeks to bring people of various cultures together to build bridges of understanding, reconciliation and peace.

Planting trees is a way to keep Daher’s Vineyard green and prevent it from the danger of confiscation.


When do we plant trees?

Beginning of January until the end of March every year.


What kind of trees are we planting?

Beside olive trees – symbol of Peace, Prosperity and Wisdom – we are planting grapes, almonds, figs and other trees.


We invite you to participate in this tree planting campaign

by sponsoring a tree at a cost of US$ 10 each.

You will receive a certificate of solidarity for your donation.

We look forward to your support in keeping hope alive in Palestine .

For more information, please contact us


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