The Tent of Nations runs the following facilities that visitors and groups may use:

  • A Meeting Room located near Manger Square in Bethlehem. This far-off site is provided with facilities that can be used for lectures and discussions (30 person capacity).
  • One Hundred Acres of Land for hiking, viewing Biblical scenery, and camping.
  • Several Caves that offer use for meetings and worship.
  • Visitor Sites including a historic stone-watching tower, the sight where they used to press and make wine, ancient cave residence, four operating cisterns, and many Biblical trees.
  • Solomon’s Theater: An Outdoor Theatre transformed from an ancient wine press used for children and youth festivals.
  • Campsite and Ring-Fire available for all groups and individuals. Kitchen and restroom services are also provided.
  • Meals are prepared and served for daily-visitors and campers.
  • A Playground for local children and visitors.

If you are interested in using any of these facilities, then please contact us for more information.