Animal Farm

Animal Farm Volunteers

We keep a small collection of animals at the farm including sheep, chickens, rabbits, pigeons, dogs and a donkey. As an Animal Farm volunteer, you will be responsible for feeding, cleaning and looking after these animals, as well as keeping the area tidy and organised. You will also be asked to help with any improvements for the infrastructure of the animal farm. Volunteers applying for this role should have experience in taking care of animals.

Typical jobs:

  • Feeding and watering all the animals in the morning and evening
  • Mucking out all animal cages daily
  • Taking the donkey out to graze and putting her inside in the evening
  • Collecting eggs from the chickens
  • Making cheese
  • Keeping records of the animals’ health, new-borns and whether any medical treatment is required
We would love to welcome you to Daher’s Vineyard to help us with this work, if you are interested in coming to Tent of Nations as an Animal Farm volunteer, please read through all the volunteer information and apply using ourVolunteer Application Form.