Farming and Agriculture

Farming and Agriculture Volunteers

Daher’s Vineyard spans around 100 acres and requires a lot of work to keep it cultivated and flourishing. Palestine hosts a climate of little rainfall and hot summers, thus it is important that the trees and crops are able to soak up what little rain there is. Much of the agricultural work is about keeping the land rotated and soft, so be prepared for a lot of digging! During the winter and spring, planting trees will be a key task. Whilst in the summer and autumn, watering and helping with the harvests will be part of your responsibilities.

Typical jobs:

  • Digging around trees to ensure they are able to soak up water
  • Assisting with ploughing
  • Planting wheat and other crops
  • Preparing the land and planting trees
  • Watering and spreading manure around trees
  • Making wire-mesh fences for tree protection
  • Helping with the harvests
We would love to welcome you to Daher’s Vineyard to help us with this work, if you are interested in coming to Tent of Nations as a Farming and Agriculture volunteer, please read through all the volunteer information and apply using our Volunteer Application Form.