Greenhouse and Gardening

Greenhouse and Gardening Volunteers

We are working towards self-sufficiency on the farm; keeping the greenhouse and garden productive is key to this aim. Work will vary depending on the time of year, in the winter months it will centre on preparing the land and planting, while in the summer it will be time to harvest most of the vegetables and pulses. This role will require taking care of the greenhouse/garden area and ensuring that all plants are watered, weeded and looked after. Prior knowledge of gardening is useful, but not essential.

Typical jobs:

  • Digging the land to prepare it for planting
  • Planting and watering vegetables and pulses
  • Planting and taking care of tree saplings
  • Weeding
  • Ensure the greenhouse and garden areas are kept tidy and productive

We would love to welcome you to Daher’s Vineyard to help us with this work, if you are interested in coming to Tent of Nations as a Greenhouse and Gardening volunteer, please read through all the volunteer information and apply using our Volunteer Application Form.