Office Volunteer

Like any organisation, there is a lot of work required behind the scenes to keep Daher’s Vineyard and the Tent of Nations project running. As a volunteer in the office you will be responsible for keeping the website up-to-date with news from the farm and volunteer opportunities. You will also be responsible for writing the e-newsletter, and assisting with our social media, to help spread the story and vision of Tent of Nations. We ask that only those staying for a minimum of two months apply for this role because being responsible for the public voice of Tent of Nations requires a longer induction period. Our website is a WordPress site; some prior experience is desirable, although not essential. Volunteers in the office should be competent in written English.

Typical jobs:

  • Ensuring all the information on our website and in our brochure is up-to-date and correct
  • Managing/responding to comments on the website/social media
  • Writing our quarterly e-newsletter sent out to our mailing lists
  • Updating blogs/articles/videos about Tent of Nations on our website
  • Working with others to translate sections of our website and brochure into other languages
  • Managing volunteer queries

We would love to welcome you to Daher’s Vineyard to help us with this work, if you are interested in coming to Tent of Nations as an Office volunteer, please read through all the volunteer information and apply using ourVolunteer Application Form.